Negotiation Basics for Managers- Effective Techniques to Get Things Done and Handle Conflicts

  • Webinar Duration60 Min
  • Webinar Date29 Jul. 2021
  • Webinar IdAT2439


Negotiation is a part of everyday life. This is especially true in the workplace where the days of the authoritarian manager are slowly coming to an end. More and more managers have to get buy-in from their subordinates and teams. Many teams are becoming self-managed and this requires the ability to meet the interests of those we work with. Knowing how to negotiate successfully is a core competency of the modern manager in getting things done and handling conflict.

What will you learn
  • Learning how to plan for important negotiations
  • Developing the ability to assess conflict styles and its impact on negotiating
  • Learn the basics of distributive and integrative bargaining
  • Knowing the difference between interests and positions
  • Learning how to frame and reframe during a negotiation
  • Dealing with negotiation impasse
  • Handling negotiation “dirty tricks”
  • Learn when to walk away from a negotiation
Why should you attend?

This webinar will provide training on negotiation basics for managers. This will enable managers and employees to effectively negotiate their interests in the workplace. Participants will learn why is negotiation important in conflict resolution and the two main negotiation techniques that are used. In mastering the principles of negotiation, those attending will become more comfortable in working with customers, employees and managers. Those attending will also learn how to recognize the negotiation tactics of others and how to respond to those tactics.

Who Will Benefit?
  •  Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Labor Relations Managers
  • Human Resource Managers