Handling Generational Conflict in Your Team

  • Webinar Duration60 Min
  • Webinar Date13 Dec. 2022
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Put the generational differences to work for you!

The current workforce is the most diverse it has ever been because today, there are four different generations of employees in the workplace. These include Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation Z employees. Since each of these employees has been affected differently by their upbringing, it should be no surprise that conflict may arise between different members of these generations.

Bob believes that life stage and position are better predictors of behavior than the generation a person was born into. "Most intergenerational conflicts are fundamentally about power or clout," she said. "A young person who wants more clout wants to be noticed. They have new ideas that aren't being listened to. An older person wants their experience to be recognized and appreciated. Everyone wants to be heard and respected."

In this online CPE course, a brief overview of the characteristics of each of these generations will be provided and, some typical areas of conflict will be highlighted with possible solutions.

The online continuing education course will also examine the different styles of the generations and how it contributes to conflict. While this may be challenging, the management of a diverse generational work team is possible. Some of the conflict inherent in such a situation can be minimized when considering the characteristics of each possible employee or team member and then creating a team with complementary strengths. The use of technology is also a potential source of conflict and suggestions on how to handle it will be given. Finally, various managerial interventions (training, coaching and mediation) will be considered in dealing with generational conflict in the workplace.

Key topics covered in this online webinar:

  • Overview of the different generations actively participating in the modern workplace.
  • How different generations operate?
  • What makes each generation unique?
  • How to focus on understanding different views of those generations you manage?
  • How to take the lead and create a climate in which all the employees will remain engaged and productive?
What will you learn
  • To identify key characteristics of the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (Millennials) and Generation Z.
  • To discuss different communication styles of the generations.
  • To discuss how to manage a diverse generational work team. 
  • To discuss different strategies on creating a productive, diverse generational work team.
  • To discuss different strategies to utilize the strengths of each generationally diverse team member.
  • To examine managerial interventions, they can use to resolve generational conflict.
Why should you attend?

Assistant Controllers Business Owner CEO Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Compliance Managers CPA (Industry) CPA - Mid Size Firm CPA - Small Firm CPA in Business HR Professionals Human Resources Manager Young CPA

Who Will Benefit?

This online webinar is recommended for CPAs, HR professionals and other career-minded professionals at all levels who want to excel in their interpersonal and communication skills to overcome workplace conflict and build a more positive work environment.


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